Policies and Fees

School age students: Enrollment is for the entire school year-- September through May.  You will have an assigned weekly lesson time.  All lessons are 40 minutes.

School Year Tuition:
Lessons are paid for in advance, either by the month or by the semester. 

2019-2020: Tuition during the school year will be 9 equal payments of $155.00 per month ($145.00 for sibling), due on the first lesson of each month. (With 34 lessons per year, this amounts to around $41.00 per lesson.) My studio will be closed for Thanksgiving, Xmas/New Year’s and Spring Break. 

 If you prefer to pay by the semester, the price is $697.50 for first child,  $652.50 for sibling. Payments are due on the first lesson, and in mid January.

Missed lessons

The lesson must be paid for whether or not you attend, because you are paying to reserve my time, which I have set aside for your lesson.

Missed lessons may be made up at my discretion, depending on the time I have available. I usually schedule one “make up day” towards the end of the winter semester, and a make up week, at the end of May--for anyone who has missed lessons.

Adults:  Morning & early afternoon lessons are available on a flexible schedule. $40 per lesson. Discount available for advance purchase of ten or more lessons.

Summer lessons:
During the summer, I offer flexible lessons times for all ages.  Discount available for advance purchase of four or more lessons.

I will purchase piano music as needed for each student, depending on their needs.  Please reimburse me by the following lesson.  Please 
bring a notebook to each lesson for recording assignments